Our Story

Growing up on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland Australia, we have spent a lot of time with sand between our toes, wind in our hair and salt on our skin.  So whether it was at the beach or lazing by the pool, spending time in a bikini was a given.  That is what has inspired us to come up with gorgeous designed swimwear that has the high end feel, but at a price we can all afford.  Because why shouldn't everyone have the opportunity to feel great in summer!

Our range is designed so that anyone of any size can find something that is flattering and that makes you feel more beautiful than ever!

But beauty is more than skin deep, and living life on the coast just encapsulates that healthy lifestyle that we all aim for. 

At Raw Paradise, we are also very passionate about being able to help others on their journey to health and wellness, NATURALLY!  We have teamed up with an amazing company to bring you the most AMAZING natural health supplement ever.  It has been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to reduce your oxidative stress levels by 40% - 70%, increase Glutothione levels by 300% and expand life expectancy by 7%.  No other natural supplement company can claim to have done this and be peer review studied and have SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN RESULTS!

Why not come along for the ride, whether you are looking for gorgeous swimwear that enhances every curve in the right way; or you want us to help you along your journey with your health and wellness; maybe your just looking for a great coffee shop on the coast because I am sure we could help you with that too!